The Art of Alchemy

A 3 Month, Energy Mastery course for Staying Connected in Chaos, Cultivating Compassionate Boundaries, and Feeling More Alive

When Your Super Powers feel like a Burden...


You have a keen ability to feel into the energy fields of others


and use your gifts to create

spaces for trust, connection and healing.


You're the one people come to for comfort or insight.

The one who keeps the peace

& keeps it positive.



you've felt the hesitation and anxiety around fully expressing your truth & multi-

dimensionality for fear that you'll make others uncomfortable or angry.


You've felt responsible for the happiness of your partners, friends or clients.


You've found it easier to connect deeply with others than with your own heart,

& have frequently left clients or social situations feeling

energetically drained.


You're sick and tired of editing yourself

overthinking EVERYTHING,

& doubting how affective you are.





 Ever since I was little I felt deeply,

and was tuned into the subtleties of the energy around me.


Then I worked in therapy and crisis management for years,

where people-pleasing, "best practices" and "going the extra mile" often got

more praise than investing in your own well-being, intuition, and boundaries.


But those are old paradigms,

they don't honor our ALIVEness,

And it's time we serve from a place of sustainability and integrity.


It's time to hold your OWN hand,

turn your sensitivity into a super-power

& stand rooted 

in the waves.



If you desire to...


  • Cultivate healthy boundaries with compassion
  • Give way less of a shit about what people think of you
  • Release anxiety & attachment to other people's healing journeys
  • Become a master of harmonizing your energy in challenging situations
  • Magnify your ability to feel rooted in your truth
  • Become a more effective healer & leader
  • Triple your vitality and playfulness



Then you're ready for


The Art of Alchemy

A 3 Month Journey of Learning how to Harmonize your Energies and Cultivate Compassionate Sovereignty

This course blends Energy Medicine, Somatic wisdom, Inner Child Healing and Principles of Sovereignty to bring you a holistic Mind-Body-Spirit approach to refining your super power of energy sensitivity.

What's Inside

- Module 1 -

Principles of Sovereignty

In this module, you'll begin to alchemize your disempowered stories around pain and heavy energies.

You'll redefine your relationship to pain and learn how to anchor in empowered language and beliefs that help you hold it with grace.


- Module 2 -

Embodied Alchemy

In this module, you'll learn powerful practices to shift, release and harmonize your energy body.

You'll begin to feel more rooted and open in your body as you anchor the lessons from Module 1 & 2 into your cells through Somatic learning.


- Module 3 -

Home Within

In this module, you'll begin to release people-pleasing patterns and learn how to feel Whole no matter the circumstance.

You'll begin cultivating deep compassion for your multi-dimensionality and feel a sense of being home within.


- Module 4 -

Re-defining Responsibility

In this module, you'll begin re-defining how you be with the pain of others, and learn how to set boundaries that support both you and those you love.

- Module 5 -

Nurturing Joy

In this module, you'll get to explore and immerse yourself in activities that increase your life force energy and support the sustainability of energetic harmony in your system.

You'll also begin to reclaim Joy as your superpower in service.

- Module 6 -

Intention as the Compass

In this module, you'll develop rituals and practices that will support you in embodying these lessons, and anchor you deeper in the conviction of your power

Welcome Love!

I'm an Inner Child Coach, Spiral Practitioner, Artist, Magic Weaver, & Breathwork facilitator.

I blend my background in clinical therapy, leadership trainings, and coaching to deliver transmissions that are playful, heart-felt, and potent.

This course is a love song to all the healers in the world who are still learning to trust in the power of their very PRESENCE.

My intention is that it leaves you with a lighter heart, a stronger energy body, and a renewed conviction in your purpose.

It's an honor to journey together, and I trust that if your heart is feeling nudged to play in this container, you will undoubtedly receive RADICAL transformation.

SO much love,


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* What You'll Get *

~ Over 20 individual lessons across the 6 modules

~ Playbooks and guided meditations to offer structure along the journey

~ Private facebook group to journey with other students

~ Lifetime access to the course

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"Chrissy is a magical human being with an art for making you feel safe and held. She has an energy about her that makes you feel like anything is possible. She’s helped me move through some of my toughest times and come out the other side stronger, more courageous, more confident and more connected to my purpose. "

Amy Schopfer

"Working with Chrissy was mind-blowing. I went from feeling very disconnected and fragmented to having a very clear sense of who I am and what I stand for. She’s strong and gentle all wrapped together and she works in a way that is so different. She makes the deeper, heavier work light and playful. And now I’m living the life I was meant for. Give yourself the gift of her magic and medicine!"

Shaelyn Cataldo
Embodiment Coach & Journey Dance Apprentice

Are you ready to embrace your superpower as an energy alchemist?

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